# Introduction

This document describes the programmatic interface to OpenTAP and shows how to get started using OpenTAP for implementing test steps, instrument plugins, DUT plugins and result listeners.

# Audience

This document is written for C# programmers who are developing OpenTAP plugins or integrating OpenTAP into their own applications. It is not a reference manual, but rather a document that describes the principles behind OpenTAP and how to use its most important features from a programmer's perspective. If you are looking for Python developer documentation, go here (opens new window).

Development requires the following software:

  • Visual Studio 2022 or above
  • OpenTAP

# Suggested Resources

VISA driver e.g. Keysight I/O libraries for instrument communication

# PathWave Test Automation

Together with OpenTAP it is recommended to use a Graphical User Interface. Keysight Technologies offers both an enterprise and community version of PathWave Test Automation Developer's System (opens new window) that provides a highly flexible graphical user interface and code examples.