# Editors

As you may have noticed, a test plan consists of XML. You could modify and extend test plans by hand, but we recommend using the tools we have developed.

You currently have two options:

  1. Developer’s System Community Edition - mature, feature-rich GUI (recommended)
  2. TUI - open source cross-platform text-based user interface for usage in terminals (beta)

# The responsibility of an editor

Editing test plans, providing a clear overview of what steps are available, safely making changes, running testplans, clearly organizing the output of a testplan. E.g.

  1. Provide a clear overview of what steps passed, and what steps failed
  2. Display log output at various points throughout a run
  3. Breaking down the data associated with a test run in a way that empowers the user to analyze the results (results viewer)

# Developer’s System Community Edition

Install the community edition version of the editor with the following command:

tap package install "Editor CE"

and run it with tap editor.


As mentioned in the previous section, tap package install installs the latest stable version. Since TUI is still in beta, there is no stable version. Use the following command to install the latest available version:

tap package install TUI --version any

and run the program with tap tui.