# Getting Started

This is the official OpenTAP documentation for users and developers.

# What is OpenTAP

OpenTAP is an Open Source project for fast and easy development and execution of automated tests.

OpenTAP is built with simplicity, scalability and speed in mind, and is based on an extendable architecture that leverages .NET Core. OpenTAP offers a range of sequencing functionality and infrastructure that makes it possible for you to quickly develop plugins tailored for your automation needs – plugins that can be shared with the OpenTAP community through the OpenTAP package repository.

Learn more about OpenTAP here.

# Install OpenTAP

# Windows

  1. Download OpenTAP from our homepage here.
  2. Start the installer.

We recommend that you download the Software Development Kit, or simply the Developer’s System Community Edition provided by Keysight Technologies. The Developer System is a bundle that contains the SDK as well as a graphical user interface and result viewing capabilities. It can be installed by typing the following:

tap package install "Developer's System CE" -y

# Linux

Download the OpenTAP distribution (.tar) from our homepage here.

Install the downloaded distribution:

  • .tar do the following:
    1. Untar the package in you home directory tar -xf OpenTAP*.tar
    2. Change the permission of the INSTALL.sh file to be executable: chmod u+x INSTALL.sh
    3. Run the INSTALL.sh script: ./INSTALL.sh.

# Use OpenTAP

If you are an OpenTAP user, or just want to try it out, have a look at the User Guide.

# Develop Plugins

If you are a developer and want to create plugins for OpenTAP, have a look at the Developer Guide.