# Welcome to the OpenTAP Python Plugin

Python is a popular programming language for test and automation. The OpenTAP Python plugin makes it possible to use Python to program plugins for OpenTAP.

With the Python plugin you can:

  • Access the OpenTAP API when creating plugins in Python. TestSteps, Instruments, DUTs, ResultListeners, and ComponentSettings can be developed in Python.
  • Use your preferred programming environment, such as Python Tools for Visual Studio (PTVS) or PyCharm.
  • Leverage existing Python code.
  • Integrate with other OpenTAP plugins.

All other normal OpenTAP SDK constructs can be used in a similar fashion:

  • Core components of the OpenTAP C# API are directly supported.
  • .NET types and OpenTAP classes can be used.
  • Attributes let you create user friendly configurations for your plugins.

It is highly recommended to refer to the OpenTAP documentation (opens new window) for information about how to program plugins. Most of the concepts defined there are available in a Python flavor.

It is also highly recommended to check out the PythonExamples (opens new window) plugin which contains sample code showing how to implement various types of plugins.

To get started, see Getting Started