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Release Notes - OpenTAP 9.3

New Features:

  • Added a "continue" loop functionality.
  • Added multi-select support in AvailableValues.
  • SDK now includes Cli tools to generate OpenTAP templates #16.

Usability Improvements:

  • Remove Connection now triggers NotifyCollectionChangedAction.Remove.
  • Package list now indicates new version and beta status of available updates in the CLI #10.
  • Removed duplicates from the output of tap package list #11.

Bug Fixes:

  • List<Resource> no longer ignoring AvailableValues attribute.
  • Fixed issue with sweep loop value.
  • Abort verdict for steps does not influence other executions anymore.
  • Fixed issue with tap package install with no packages specified.
  • Fixed a bug in the implementation of == operator in the Input<T> class.
  • SweepLoop can now configure values when 'Select All' is selected.
  • Fixed SweepLoop issue: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  • SimpleTapAssemblyResolver no longer throws exception.
  • Loading/Saving xml no longer changes the dependency list.
  • Input no longer causes error during Annotation.
  • Dropdown is now populated when using Available Values more than once with List<string>.
  • Removed LoadInSeparateAppDomain from MSBuild task.
  • Fixed package list argument support.
  • Fixed macro extension issue.
  • tap package install no longer defaults to downloading Any version instead of released versions #12.
  • Unit test build jobs no longer fail silently #14.


  • Improved log rotation.
  • Created build to publish NuGet package to
  • Cleaned up build on
  • Added CliAction support for display groups.
  • Implemented a warning message when uninstalling OpenTap through the CLI.
  • Removed reference to project that is not included in the SDK.
  • Migrated Linux SDK generate tool to OpenTAP #16.